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Day 5: Favorite Comfort Foods and Why??

Snickers Bar/Snickers Ice Cream
I have no idea why but this is absolutely positively my favorite candy eveeeeer. I like to eat the chocolate off first, then i eat the nuget, then i eat each peanut one by one. Haha, the people around me always hate when i do this but who cares?!

Buttered Pecan Ice Cream
I think the reason i love Buttered Pecan ice cream even more than i should is because its one of the few things my dad and i have in common and we dont talk much to every time i eat it i think of him. It sounds kind of weird.

Walnut Brownies
Just something ive loved for as long as I can remember. I use to get them for 25¢ from the neighborhood corner store every time me and my grandmother would walk to the store together.

Cheesecake with a Cherry on top.
Okay so I remember the exact day i fell in love with this. Some of my family members and I were out of town. We had gone to Six Flags at San Antinio. Me and my aunt woke up to find everybody had left us in the hotel room to go swimming. We were hungry so we decided to sneak to the Denny’s across the way from where we were staying. We ate and i saw the cheesecake on the desert menu and asked her to buy it for me. While i was eating her daughhter/my cousin walked in and whined “why didnt yall tell us yall were coming here?!” It was so funny. Yup. That was my first cheesecake. I still think it was the best one ive ever had.

& Need i not forget a handy dandy Coca Cola on the side. 😁


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