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Day 5: Favorite Comfort Foods and Why??

Snickers Bar/Snickers Ice Cream
I have no idea why but this is absolutely positively my favorite candy eveeeeer. I like to eat the chocolate off first, then i eat the nuget, then i eat each peanut one by one. Haha, the people around me always hate when i do this but who cares?!

Buttered Pecan Ice Cream
I think the reason i love Buttered Pecan ice cream even more than i should is because its one of the few things my dad and i have in common and we dont talk much to every time i eat it i think of him. It sounds kind of weird.

Walnut Brownies
Just something ive loved for as long as I can remember. I use to get them for 25ยข from the neighborhood corner store every time me and my grandmother would walk to the store together.

Cheesecake with a Cherry on top.
Okay so I remember the exact day i fell in love with this. Some of my family members and I were out of town. We had gone to Six Flags at San Antinio. Me and my aunt woke up to find everybody had left us in the hotel room to go swimming. We were hungry so we decided to sneak to the Denny’s across the way from where we were staying. We ate and i saw the cheesecake on the desert menu and asked her to buy it for me. While i was eating her daughhter/my cousin walked in and whined “why didnt yall tell us yall were coming here?!” It was so funny. Yup. That was my first cheesecake. I still think it was the best one ive ever had.

& Need i not forget a handy dandy Coca Cola on the side. ๐Ÿ˜




Its been a long time coming.
I haven’t posted in a while because i thought i was done with this. I thought it was just a phase.
But. Here i stand yet again.
I have something on my mind.
I have someone on my mind.
There’s this guy.
I want him. I promise I want him.
Maybe its because everyone else see’s something different about him. Something that I am blind too.
This guy. He doesn’t resemble anyone i’ve ever wanted before.
He has wild eyes.
Ive never seen him smile but i have seen his teeth and they aren’t perfect.
But he’s gorgeous.
Maybe only to me.
When I see him I cant help but to stare.
He always seems to be looking me dead in my eyes everytime.
I don’t know if its just something he does or if he’s into me.
I do know that it intimidates the shit out of me.
He tried to have a conversation with me. I found my self looking down the entire time. I could only walk away because my mind was moving too fast for me to find many words to say.
I want him.
I told myself the next time I was to see him, I wouldn’t be so tongue tied.
I guess I lied.
I saw him. My heart skipped a beat when he walked through the door.
Oh I saw him.
Liquid courage wasn’t even enough that night.
I could only look and still, every time I looked, our eyes met.
I was beginning to find it in me to approach him, when I looked up for him and he was gone.
Shit! I was angry with myself the rest of the night.
Its winter break.
Im thinking of him nearly every second of the day.
He’s taken.
I guess its funny how things work out that way. ๐Ÿ˜”


I’m thinking.
Nothing’s coming to me.
I feel it, I’ll be damned if I show it
If it doesn’t kill me then i shouldn’t stress it right?
My teeth are clenched and each breath is becoming long
Isn’t that what people do when they’re trying to keep calm
I swear to God I wouldn’t feel better if your face met my palm.
This has got to be pride.
I’m not sad.
This is fucking anger.
I can’t deal with the on and off.
I’m not that girl who sits and waits to the side.
Calls and text. DELETED โœ”
Your number? GONE
fuck the pictures.
Don’t hit me up once you’re off whatever the fuck you’re on.

Sorry for the useless rant you guys.


“Listen here, I tell you my biggest fears. You’re the only one who knows them don’t you ever go expose them.”

My views on Religion …

Either you believe in a God or you don’t.
Either you worship a God or you don’t.

I praise Jehovah as my God & I praise Jesus Christ as my Lord.

I believe Jesus died for my sins.

I believe only my God can judge me.

I don’t have any concern as to what anyone else believes and who they choose to fear. At the end of the day their faith or none faith is what will affect them in the end. I can only voice what I believe in and hope that they can grasp what I’m saying.

“walk by faith, not by sight” ๐Ÿ™

Pet Peeves

I can’t stress this enough. If I did not ask for your input or mention your name then why are you speaking? Help me understand, because this always seems to escape me. Only speak when spoken to. My mood is never stable I will go left quicker than you blink. So to avoid any madness DO NOT TALK TO ME.
I swear this happens everyday. Why? I can’t figure it out. I guess people just like to piss me off.

2) Don’t try and correct me unless you’re ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you’re right. I will ask for evidence. If you’re telling me I’m wrong I will ask you every question I can think of. How do you know? Where did you learn this? When did you learn this? Let me look this up on the internet. YES, it is that serious. Provide me with proof. If you can’t do that then I don’t care to hear what you have to say. You just THINK you know. ๐Ÿ˜‚

3) LIARS. Why are you lying? To me of all people? What’s the worst I can do if you tell me the truth? Get angry? Well that happens 10 times a day without the help of you. I’ll be okay. Just be honest. I’ll feel better knowing that you were courageous enough to tell the truth. Scared people lie.

4) When someone drinks something I put in the refrigerator and places the empty evidence back. Pause. Why are you putting empty items into the refrigerator. There’s nothing to refrigerate. Unless it evaporated in the time between you placing it down and me picking it up. Uh NO BITCH. it doesn’t happen like that. & I know you know you knew you were wrong. Like are you rubbing it in my face that drank my drink? Advertising the empty cup/can/etc?! What did you expect me to do? Eat it? I sure as hell don’t have anything to drink. You stole that privilege. Asshole. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Throw it away!!! I don’t want it.

5) Those fucking STUPID ass cartoons on Cartoon Network. (Regular Show, Adventure Time, etc) why? WTF are those creatures?? Even worse, they’re on adult swim. Tf? DO YOU EXPECT AN ADULT TO WATCH THIS? I can get this through my head. I don’t bother watching for the plot, I just become lost in the fact that someone drew these half ass sketches of these unknown creatures, gave them names, and put them on television for adults to watch? Inappropriate ass cartoons. Do they not know toddlers watch Cartoon Network. That’s where they’re learning words like masturbate … We were playing family feud and my 12 year old cousin guessed the word MASTURBATE!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Hmm …

I’m disturbed.

Sorry for cursing like a sailor. (:

This And That

Yeah so im back.
Im obviously not posting every Sunday, i get lazy. Sorry. Im gonna attempt every week though, any day of the week.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, hopefully ill be completing my first year of residency after medical school.
Yeah, i want to be a doctor, a pediatrician.
Chances are, that would change while im in medical school and ill want to do something else in the medical field.
Whatever. Who knows?
I should have a serious boyfriend by then, NO husband, or kids.
I want to get my career started first.
Ill probably be somewhere in California.
Living and stressing and what not.

Enough of that.

So Born Sinner or Yeezus?

Born Sinner hands down. Wish i wouldve been a good fan and bought it fro, iTunes but i got the leak already so whats the point?
I tried to get the Yeezus leak but all of the legit ones are deleted.
I was about to buy it on iTunes today but i had to check it out on YouTube first because i didnt want to waste my 15 dollars. Ha!
Im glad i did because i wouldve been really disappointed.
Kanye let me down. ๐Ÿ˜”

But Born Sinner … ๐Ÿ‘Œ
J Cole is everything.
Kendrick Lamar too but im on J Cole right now.
When i heard ‘Let Nas Down’ i knew the song was Work Out, honestly i was like wtf when it came out.
Didnt sound like J COLE.
But hey, he had to put out a hit. Mainstream music is shit. Fml.
I swear i gotta FEEL the lyrics.
Fav song? Born Sinner? Rich Niggaz? Villuminati? Trouble? Crooked Smile? Cant choose.
Least fav? This is hard af because i honestly like every track.
I just might buy the album still. I want the Deluxe Version.

Yeezus …
Its not that the songs were bad they were just what i dont like. But his lyrics are always revolutionary no matter the beat or the hook, all that shit. I cant just sit and replay it all day over and over and be completely interested and want to listen to every word. & thats a problem when im about to buy an album because this is what i do. Not just with new music but any music.

But yeah … These are my opinions.
I was about to evaluate on every song but thats doing too much.


Yaa … I remember, and na you aint worth shit nigga.