This And That

Yeah so im back.
Im obviously not posting every Sunday, i get lazy. Sorry. Im gonna attempt every week though, any day of the week.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, hopefully ill be completing my first year of residency after medical school.
Yeah, i want to be a doctor, a pediatrician.
Chances are, that would change while im in medical school and ill want to do something else in the medical field.
Whatever. Who knows?
I should have a serious boyfriend by then, NO husband, or kids.
I want to get my career started first.
Ill probably be somewhere in California.
Living and stressing and what not.

Enough of that.

So Born Sinner or Yeezus?

Born Sinner hands down. Wish i wouldve been a good fan and bought it fro, iTunes but i got the leak already so whats the point?
I tried to get the Yeezus leak but all of the legit ones are deleted.
I was about to buy it on iTunes today but i had to check it out on YouTube first because i didnt want to waste my 15 dollars. Ha!
Im glad i did because i wouldve been really disappointed.
Kanye let me down. 😔

But Born Sinner … 👌
J Cole is everything.
Kendrick Lamar too but im on J Cole right now.
When i heard ‘Let Nas Down’ i knew the song was Work Out, honestly i was like wtf when it came out.
Didnt sound like J COLE.
But hey, he had to put out a hit. Mainstream music is shit. Fml.
I swear i gotta FEEL the lyrics.
Fav song? Born Sinner? Rich Niggaz? Villuminati? Trouble? Crooked Smile? Cant choose.
Least fav? This is hard af because i honestly like every track.
I just might buy the album still. I want the Deluxe Version.

Yeezus …
Its not that the songs were bad they were just what i dont like. But his lyrics are always revolutionary no matter the beat or the hook, all that shit. I cant just sit and replay it all day over and over and be completely interested and want to listen to every word. & thats a problem when im about to buy an album because this is what i do. Not just with new music but any music.

But yeah … These are my opinions.
I was about to evaluate on every song but thats doing too much.


Yaa … I remember, and na you aint worth shit nigga.