Its been a long time coming.
I haven’t posted in a while because i thought i was done with this. I thought it was just a phase.
But. Here i stand yet again.
I have something on my mind.
I have someone on my mind.
There’s this guy.
I want him. I promise I want him.
Maybe its because everyone else see’s something different about him. Something that I am blind too.
This guy. He doesn’t resemble anyone i’ve ever wanted before.
He has wild eyes.
Ive never seen him smile but i have seen his teeth and they aren’t perfect.
But he’s gorgeous.
Maybe only to me.
When I see him I cant help but to stare.
He always seems to be looking me dead in my eyes everytime.
I don’t know if its just something he does or if he’s into me.
I do know that it intimidates the shit out of me.
He tried to have a conversation with me. I found my self looking down the entire time. I could only walk away because my mind was moving too fast for me to find many words to say.
I want him.
I told myself the next time I was to see him, I wouldn’t be so tongue tied.
I guess I lied.
I saw him. My heart skipped a beat when he walked through the door.
Oh I saw him.
Liquid courage wasn’t even enough that night.
I could only look and still, every time I looked, our eyes met.
I was beginning to find it in me to approach him, when I looked up for him and he was gone.
Shit! I was angry with myself the rest of the night.
Its winter break.
Im thinking of him nearly every second of the day.
He’s taken.
I guess its funny how things work out that way. 😔